Emergency for Rasputin, polar bear locked on the French Riviera

Following the amateur video about our Rasputin bear broadcast and “interpreted” by the network This is enough, resulting in many unfounded attacks that we have been the subject of the past few days, here is the response of MARINELAND

“The drooling and tongue movements that you can see on our male polar bears are signs of male horns when they are in the breeding season (which is the case at this time) and in the presence of a female in heat. The male then emits a strong breath and “feels” the female causing him to snort regularly. What is described by the author of the video as abnormal, actually corresponds to the natural reproduction behavior and quite normal of a male polar bear!

Regarding the grid that evokes the author of the video, you can actually see a full door closed at 1: 35min which is a condemned door. The entrance of the air-conditioned premises of the bears is indeed opened on the video at 1: 44min where we can clearly distinguish the sliding door which is raised. The grid you see is the bottom of the installation. In addition, no gate in Marineland serves as a closure for animals.

As a reminder, an ice cave, a pool with water at 14 ° C whatever the season and an air conditioned living space, are available to our bears permanently throughout the year.

Marineland is part of a European Endangered Species Program (EEP). Zoological parks like ours are one of the last refuges of this species, particularly endangered. In addition, well-being is also measured by the number of births we have in the park: they are numerous and revealing the general well-being of all our residents.

Do you think that such a conservation organization would have entrusted us with these precious species if it doubted our competence and that the living conditions of these high-level animals were not respected? It is obvious that no!

We remind you that our mission is to conserve and protect endangered species, not the other way around. Our critics no longer know how to attack us, disclose videos and other articles without knowledge, to create a buzz on social networks. The comments of the authors of the video clearly demonstrate a desire to harm by lies and / or a serious misunderstanding of the normal behavior of animals. It is therefore important for Marineland and the public to restore the truth.

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