True love between dog races

Have you ever imagined that a dog loves another dog? Can dogs fall in love with other dogs? These are thoughts that revolve in my mind in the early hours of the morning. I mean, I know that my dog ‚Äč‚Äčloves me, and I know that there are crowds and crowds of dog fathers who love their dogs, but can dogs fall in love with each other?

Of course yes, yes and by a great loud, dogs can fall in love with each other in the deepest and deepest way known only to dogs with their races. Volunteers were introduced to this awkward question at times with a picture of your classmates who love each other and, more importantly, why you think this is true.

As with all romantic concepts, science has something to say about this. In an article entitled “Psychology Today,” says a professor of psychology at a well-known university, as with humans, that dogs have hormones and undergo the same chemical changes made by humans during emotional situations.

Very amazing

He confirms that scientific research proves that the mind of the dog is almost equivalent to the human mind from two to two and a half years of age in terms of mental abilities and emotions. Does a young child have a tendency to love deeply?

Dogs do not know evil or jealousy or resentment. Sitting with a dog on a hill in the glorious afternoon is back to Aden, where nothing was boring, it was peace. Milan Condera,

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