This is why cats bite you sometimes when you pet them

This is why cats bite you sometimes when you pet them if you don’t know why cats do this! That is why you are not completely ignorant of the subject. The only thing that is certain is that the cats are one of the soft soft animals attractive, but they carry in their class a kind of appetite, I do not say this to your fear of the cat, but on the contrary, I want you to avoid it as much as possible, cats have a very special taste at home, You act spontaneously while playing with it, for example, to make you laugh without being ready for it, without it.


Why do cats do this ?????
We put several lines on the word cats do this thing

Everyone wants to give his theory in this thorny issue, and even some say that the cats behavior is volatile and this is not true, and the reason if we did not do something hostile to it did not, and it applies to man is now.

According to VetStreet, cats who bite the hand that pets them probably do not do it for no reason, even though it looks like that’s what just happened as you’re standing there in a wispy cloud of cat hair watching the blood see from your hand while Kitty retreats to the opposite end of the house. Owners call these “love bites,” but vets have a much more sociopathic moniker for the behavior: “petting-induced aggression.” Signs of petting-induced aggression include biting while being petted, and staring evilly at sleeping humans from dark corners of the room.

Another thing to keep in mind is that cats know when playing is playing without any introductions,Cats are predators, after all, and they hone their hunting skills by batting Legos around on the floor, ambushing your ankles when you’re on your way to the bathroom late at night, and possibly by biting you while you’re trying to show affection.

These are some aspects related to This is why cats bite you sometimes when you pet them.

The bottom line is that cats are the ones who thin the animals and soften them, because they have special significance with humans, they are social by nature, love is all love for cats.



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