Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

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How do you use a baby nail trimmer

this is a small step the best nail clippers to use nail trimmer baby product:

Leave a little white at the edge

Lift up and rotate the lever of the clippers

Use a smaller set of clippers.
Choose where to begin
Fingernail clippers are smaller than those used for toenails.
Open the clippers.

Clip at an angle, making several small cuts.


Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

Fansidi Upgraded Safe Baby Nail File- Electric Baby Nail Clipper for Newborn or Toddler Toes

and Fingernails – Girls and Boys Accessory – AA Battery Operated (Not Included) (Blue).


IMPORTANT: This product is sold by Fansidi Direct with the logo”FANSIDI”.
please choose the right seller before order. SAFE BABY NAIL CARE TOOL.
Fansidi electric baby nail file is safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails
when it works in a electric grinding way instead

of traditional cutting way, won’t damage cuticles or soft nail beds.
ADJSUTABLE SETTINGS – Fansidi baby nail clipper comes with 6 cushioned sandpapers

in precise grit Levels,
and 4 working modes (control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse)

to enhance nail filing positions and softer, smoother nails.
2 pcs AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) operated, handy to replace in daily life.
WHISPER-QUIET & LED LIGHT – Fansidi baby nail trimmer is created

with a front LED light, effectively ensuring
to use in the dark night and it is whisper-quiet enough to not wake the sleeping baby(Under 60dB).
ELEGENT & ERGONOMICS DESIGN – Fansidi baby nail manicure

set is built with high-graded ABS, sturdy and durable.
Ergonomic shape and reasonable size allow parents well to hold when use it.

some people can ask this question:

Can you use a regular nail clipper on a cat?

our answer yes yes yes you can make your job more difficult and may be painful for your cat

without any Problem from your cat.

Baby Nail Trimmer


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