Multi functional kitchen rotary

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Multi functional kitchen rotary

$49.90 $35.92

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Multi functional kitchen rotary
Multi functional kitchen rotary nut & cheese grater vegetable shredder fruits slicer with 5 drums kitchen chopper
Multi functional kitchen rotary 
The multislicer for nuts, vegetables and fruits is an excellent household appliance that will become an indispensable thing in the kitchen.
This is a vegetable cutter that is easy to use and care.
The multislicer for fruits and vegetables is a device that allows you to accurately cut vegetables and fruits of a certain shape.
In addition to vegetables and fruits, you can chop nuts, chocolate, cheese, crackers and other products.
Multi functional kitchen rotary
Grater made of stainless steel
The set includes 5 nozzles with various blades, allowing to grind products such as cheese, chocolate and nuts
The grater works on the principle of a meat grinder – you just need to put the products in a niche, press them with a plastic holder and twist the handle
Grater is easy to disassemble and assemble
The base of the grater is equipped with a suction cup for secure attachment to the table surface
This functional device with an original design will take its rightful place in your kitchen
The practical and modern design of the grater will not give you any discomfort when handling
Multi functional kitchen rotary
  Vegetable slicer multislicer works on the principle of a meat grinder. It allows you to chop and chop products in different ways.
Slicing Options:
1) cuts vegetables into thin round slices (for example, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, etc.);
2) shreds with neat cubes and straws, which is very convenient in the preparation of various salads, french fries and other main dishes.
3) shreds straws of different lengths;
4) grate nuts, cookies and chocolate to sprinkle cake and pastries;
5) grate cheese.
Multi functional kitchen rotaryMulti functional kitchen rotaryMulti functional kitchen rotary







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